Monday, February 15, 2016

Whisper Wraith

Though they have no formal name, these terrifying undead abominations are commonly called "Whisper Wraiths" by adventurers and campaigners. They may be created when a warrior dies to some sort of supernatural blast - whether it be a wizard's lightning bolt, a dragon's fire breath, or the explosion caused by the closing of a portal to hell.
The body will have been fully torn asunder, with very little meat left on the bones. As long as the dying being was able to let out one last audible exclamation, they may rise as a Whisper Wraith. The are locked to a radius of 600 feet from the spot of their death (or the center of mass of their remains if they were blown apart).
They appear as ghostly, translucent skeletons, often with missing limbs, shattered bones, and tiny scraps of flesh hanging from their broken forms. While their skull may be broken, their jaw will almost always be fully intact, and the mouth will be open in a permanent visage of a scream of terror.
When they are within a hundred feet of you, you will begin to hear whispered screams - they are captured screams of the Wraiths' death cries, permanently locked around them in a cloud aural horror. The screams may have words, such as "Please god, no!," or may just been long screeches of the dying. Once you begin to hear the unearthly sounds, you must pass a fear save to resist the temptation to flee in terror.
They attack by striking with whatever remains of their limbs, scratching and stabbing with the jagged, boney ends where their hands used to be, or clubbing with their stubs. They are corporeal, and can be struck with mundane weapons, but nothing short of a specific ritual can permanently kill them - should they fall to standard items, they will rise again in six hours.
To destroy the Whisper Wraith permanently, you must find all the remains of the Wraith's original body (as blasted and decomposed as they may be) and gather them together. Then, you must pour melted silver mixed with salt over the remains and burn them. This will kill the Whisper Wraith permanently.

A Murmuring of Wraiths

Due to the nature of how Whisper Wraiths are formed, it is very easy and common for man to be formed at the same time. One pass of an ancient red dragon may kill dozens of soldiers, and one single summoned comet from a powerful sorcerer may destroy an entire city.
In these rare instances, the whispers of the Wraiths merge together into a collage of screams and exclamations, with no individual words being heard. In this case, all DCs you must pass for fear are increased by 1 (one) for every Wraith in the murmuring, up to a maximum of 20.

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