Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hath-e'Foldar - City of the Aedryn

Long have the Frosthorns held the secrets of the ancient Aedryn, the Dawn Forgers. Myth tells of the first race, the original Fey, from whom all other feyfolk descended, and the mythical First Empire from which they ruled most of the world. The ancient capital of this first empire, called Hath-e’Foldar by the Aedryn, but simply “The White City,” by humans, has long been lost to the tides of time. Many scholars claim to know its general location, but none have ever found it.

Were it to be found, one would first be glamoured by the beauty of it - for though millennia have passed since the first stone was laid, it has aged none. The walls, towers, doors, and windows are a brilliant white, matching the snow of the mountains surrounding it. At certain times of day, the tallest tower, called Shata Fael, or “Pinnacle of the Sun,” catches the light of the rising or setting sun, and reflects it in such a way that it appears to be a second sun in the sky. If one saw this phenomena, one would be so entranced by the site of it as to stare into it until blinded. For this is the power of twilight, from which the Aedryn derived all their power.

Should one make their way up the mountain toward the city with one’s eyes intact, and into the interior corridors of the fey through the only gate available from the road, the first thing noticed would be the lighting. Through the genius engineering of the Aedryn, all paths and passages are lighted from the reflections of the sun off Shata Fael. Indeed, even at night, on all days save those when a new moon adorns the sky, the halls are twilit in a silvery-blue glow.

Secondly, the alien architecture of the fey would quickly stand out to all non-Aedryn visitors. The paths would seem not-quite parallel and perpendicular to each other - almost as though all hallways have a slight leftward curve, just barely perceptible by the human eye. Arches over doorways would have a non-euclidean slant to them, as though they bend both upward and downward at the same time. Only a few doorways have doors within, and those do not have levers or knobs of any sort. Through the perfection of Aedryn architecture, the doors are balanced to open at the slightest touch, and close on their own.

As one walked the corridors, one would soon discern the labyrinthine nature of the city. Though to the outside eye, the city appears to have doors leading out onto white streets, no doors can be found from within. Every window would show a different view of the outside city, but those windows would be sealed with a force incomprehensible, and would stand taunting to those who merely want to be on the other side. No passages would lead in any human-perceived logical order, and backtracking would lead to places yet undiscovered. Even sages studied in the lore of the ancient fey would be lost within the confines of The White City.

Of course, this is all speculation. The city has yet to be discovered, and only appears in texts of legends written so far in the past that their validity is at best questioned, and at worst, considered to be nothing more than the folklore of a long-forgotten world.

Originally posted at the "What Is This Place?" event on the DnDBehindTheScreen subreddit.

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